On January 3, 2003, our lives became abundantly better. A little bundle of joy named Makayla Nicole Ryals was born. Makayla has plenty of nicknames, but our favorite is Kadaydle, given to her by her grandfather. For all of you who can’t pronounce the name, you'll catch on after a while. Just think of a good old boy picking out a name for the cutest baby girl you've ever seen (the accent helps) and that’s what you get. Makayla is definitely the center of our lives, so it was only natural to name our new business after her.

The Ryals family is committed to giving our friends and neighbors the best we have to offer. Habersham has always been home for us. We truly love these North Georgia hills. As you will see from our eclectic décor we love our hometown, the unusual, local sports teams, music, and classic autos.

Having worked in the food service industry for years, we've set out to provide a hometown experience with the all the trimmings of a big name sub shop. The result of our hard work is Kadaydle's, a hometown sandwich shop that wants to offer you the best of everything. Familiar faces, hometown favorites, homemade goodies, new things to try, and good friends to share it with.

Kadaydle's is Habersham’s only One Stop Sub Shop!